Monday, December 16, 2013

Start the New Year Fresh with a Revised Marketing & Communications Plan

December is a great time to evaluate your marketing and PR goals for the New Year.  Here are some things to consider when reviewing your current strategies:

Social media marketing: Do you currently have Facebook, Pinterest, and  LinkedIn pages for your company or non-profit?  Do you know which ones your clients use and where you will have the most reach?  Do you need to get started with social media and you are not sure where to begin?

Public Relations: Do you know what PR is and how it can help your business?  Do you know how to gauge whether your current methods are working or not?  Are you thinking of budgeting some money towards PR in 2014 and are not sure how much to allocate?

Marketing: Do you want to start a cause related marketing program and need help?  Do you need to enhance your internal employee communications?  Is your email marketing campaign working for you and your business?

Website: Is your website content current? Does the copywriting convey your mission and objectives? Does the site have proper navigation and layout?  Do you need help with SEO?

Whether you have PR/marketing help right now or are thinking of outsourcing help next year, LDH Consulting can help you put the right strategies in place to make 2014 successful for your business or non-profit.  Call us at 480.205.6195 or email to set up a time to assess your goals and objectives.