Saturday, September 8, 2012

Preparing for a Radio Interview

Landing a media interview is just half the battle. Now, it’s time to prepare the spokesperson by developing key messages and determining the call to action.  This week, we’ll explore how to prepare for a radio interview. 
  • Always ask for the subject matter in advance.  This will give you some time to craft your key messages. You’ll also want to ask if it’s a live or taped segment.
  • Use your voice to create variety and interest – no monotones.
  • Don’t let the host fluster you.  He/she might ask you an unrelated question or describe your business in an unusual way.  Continue on with your key messages and bridge back to the points you wish to make. 
  • Feel free to have notes with you or relevant statistics to help support your key messages. 
  • If you are in-studio, maintain a distance of six to eight inches from the microphone, with both elbows ON the table. 
  • Avoid ums, ahs and long pauses
  • Don’t let angry or hostile callers throw you off.  Always take the high road and stick to your key messages.
  • Remove jargon or long explanations.  Speak in short sound bites.  
  • Conclude the interview with your web site address and a specific call to action.

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